U5 Marketing

Our Process is Simple

"Designers as a Service" - means you get the benefits of an In-House designer... hired as a service!

30 days Services Contract

Full flexibility.
Unlimited number of designs.
Includes: dedicated designer, computer and software.

Dedicated Designers

4 or 8 hours a day, every day.
Working only for your business.
Enjoy direct and efficient communication.


Increase or decrease the number of designers you require based on your immediate needs.


All designs and artwork belong exclusively to your business.
Daily and monthly reports allow continual monitoring of the progress of your designs.

What We Help You

We are a "Designers as a Service" company.

We allocate one or more professional designers exclusively to your company, every working day of the month, for the number of hours you request (either 4 or 8 hours per day) to do as many designs as you need.

The service runs on a 30-day rolling contract that can be increased , decreased or cancelled as required.

Every component is provided by us. Your designer, computer and software.

All designs and artwork belong exclusively to your business, in any and all formats, permanently.

Our Long-Term Clients


Every month we deliver over 6,000 artworks to our Customers